Booking forms to hire the hall can be downloaded from this website (occasional users or regular users)

In addition the Village Hall’s tables and chairs may be booked for external events.  It is the hirer’s responsibility to collect and return from the hall.

Prices for hire are as follows:

MAIN HALL (RESIDENTS): £8 per hour/£40 per day

MAIN HALL (NON-RESIDENTS): £10 per hour/£60 per day

CHAIR HIRE: 60p per chair

TABLE HIRE: £2.50 per table


NOTE about furniture:

Please note that hirers are expected to leave the rooms they hire as they found them. Please ensure you leave enough time and manpower to arrange the furniture as you want it and in particular to clean and return the furniture afterwards.

NOTE about the main hall floor:

Accidents happen, that’s life, however, if you do have a spill please could you clean it up.

Drinks are sticky and when they dry they catch the dirt which gets ground into the floor. When you do clean please can you use PLAIN TAP WATER ONLY, do not use any detergents, they will spoil the finish (a soft mop is available in the kitchen along with brushes and a dustpan and brush).

Thanks for your help, and enjoy your event to the full.