Evershot Country Fair

Terms and Conditions


The event will be held at the village cricket ground and can be accessed from 08:00 on the day of the fair. Detailed access information and maps will be available on the Evershot Country Fair website (www.evershot.org/ecf).   The event closes at 17:00 and we would like all stands, refuse and vehicles to be cleared away by 18:30.

Due to the size of the fair site and the large number of stalls, parking is restricted to one vehicle per stall holder, near your allocated pitch. An attendant will provide a parking pass and we ask all other vehicles to use the free public parking which is a few minutes’ walk from the fair ground.

Pitch Allocation

Although reasonable endeavours will be taken to meet any request made by stall holders regarding the positioning of their stand, no guarantees can be given and the allocation of pitches will be entirely at the discretion of the site committee members.

Use of Heating Appliances and Gas Bottles

In the interest of fire safety all external pitch stall holders cooking or heating food and drink using gas bottles are required to supply a suitable fire extinguisher to protect themselves and the public. No naked flames are allowed in the marquee.

Stall holders catering on their stands are reminded that they must conform to the requirements of the Food Hygiene Regulation 1997 and relevant amendments. The Food Handling & Storage – Food Safety Act 1990 – embraces all forms of catering, from large-scale food outlets to food offered by way of hospitality or even given as prizes.

Litter and Waste Disposal

Stall holders are to keep their stand and adjacent areas clear of litter. At the end of the day, any litter or refuse must be placed in the round waste bins provided at the fair. Food-to-go stalls are requested to provide their own bins for food waste and dispose of it off-site.


We permit dogs at the fair site, provided they are kept on a lead. Fresh drinking water is available outside the bar area. We ask owners to operate a poop-scoop system.

Disclaimer of Liabilities

The committee will not be responsible for the death, injury, disease or loss caused to any stall holder or their representatives, or to any animal, plant or stock in trade, or any item of whatever nature, however such damage, loss or injury shall be caused.

Stall holders’ Insurance

Stall holders will assume full responsibility and liability for all claims arising out of the exhibition, handling or housing of exhibits and products and the conduct of their stand generally. Stall holders shall indemnify the committee against such claims, damages or expenses whatsoever, in any way, arising out of the stall holder or his products, at the fair site. Acceptance of the foregoing conditions shall be a condition of entry.

Stall holders must ensure that they have adequate insurance cover with regard to their own property and also against Third Party Claims – especially Public Liability indemnity and against claims arising from the conduct of their stands and from fire. Business stall holders should ensure that their insurance cover is adequate for carrying on business away from their usual premises and small stall holders are advised to check that their Home Insurance policy has adequate cover for attending shows under “Working from Home”.

The committee accept no responsibility whatsoever for any theft or damage to stall holders stands or products. The stall holder must hold the relevant insurance cover. The committee will not be held responsible for damage caused during pre and post fair set up/removal periods and will not undertake to make good such damage.